Please type in your details below to become a SUPER EGG. A SUPER EGG is a "suped up" supporter of Transforming Egg.

Note: In order to interact well as a SUPER EGG it is best if you have a working "woot" account (or amazon account - you can log in to woot with an amazon account now). You will not be able to vote for any transformingegg designs, without having made a woot purchase. If you want in but can't afford a woot purchase at this time, contact Transforming Egg via facebook to go in the draw to win a free T-shirt purchase that will enable you to vote.

The more SUPER EGG's we have, hopefully the more votes in the derby. The more votes in the derby, the greater the chance of seeing Transforming Egg Designs make it to print. The more make it to print, the more cool stuff will become available to buy (and maybe even win!) for the SUPER EGG's. So share around this sign up page link. Thanks!

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